10 Reasons why your web designer should be younger than 30


  • Web tech is a young person’s game-

    In an article titled Young People and Technology contributor Sheri Bauman Ph. D. argues “young people place a high value on technology because it is one of few areas where their knowledge and skills exceed most of the adults with whom they interact.” Here at Evlio we put an extremely high value on web technology and strive to offer only the best most cohesive services to our clients. We constantly utilize our knowledge and expertise to ensure the quality of our endeavors.

  • Unfiltered creativity-

    Until the age of 30 our brains are still developing, our minds are still changing. We are still open to change and equipped with the mental pliability to accept necessary change and run with it. Stanford scholar and Ph. D. professor Jeffrey Arnett calls this new developmental period Emerging Adulthood and we are in the midst of it. In his book Emerging Adults in America: Coming of Age in the 21st Century he describes a period that is characterized by unbridled exploration, reduced social control allowing freedom of decision making, and settling on a dream and pursuing it. He says, “emerging adulthood is the age of possibilities.” We certainly agree, and we think we’ve found our dream. Our dream is to provide unparalleled web based services for all of our clients.

  • We appreciate older generations-

    Everybody remembers their parents saying, “one day you’ll understand why I did this and you’ll thank me.” When we’re young we think, not a chance! I know all there is to know and that’s that! Here at Evlio we’re old enough to know better and we’ve already thanked our parents for their wisdom. We’re at that age where we appreciate and understand the wisdom of older generations and like sponges to water we soak up as much of it as possible.

  • We understand younger generations-

    The neat part about our team all being 20 to 30 years old is that, while we’ve developed an appreciation for age and wisdom we haven’t lost touch with the youth. We still understand what’s hip, what’s trendy, and what’s fashionable for young people. We believe that being in touch with the wisdom of older generations and still having a presence and connection with the younger ones gives us an incomparable advantage and a unique perspective on emergent web technologies and social media trends. This perspective is used to better our interactions with, and services provided to our clients.

  • We grew up with social media-

    We remember the creation of MySpace, which already seems ancient. All of our peers used it and it paved the way for the giant profile based social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn. With Myspace we saw what worked and what didn’t and new companies were able to improve upon the old design and make something innovative and superior for their users. Our generation grew up with these emergent technologies. We learned to interact with the World Wide Web and social media as children and teenagers, giving our young minds an opportunity to integrate and better understand these technologies. We’ve all been members of sites like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn within a year of their respective inceptions and just as they evolved, we evolved with them.

  • Youth is couth-

    Couth is defined by Merriam- Webster dictionary as cultured, refined, and well mannered. Our chief web designer is 25 and our whole team is 20- 30 years old, an age when one has been appropriately socialized to have the kind of culture, refinement, and positive manner expected from a young professional. We translate these three qualities into every one of our unique client relations.

  • We don’t use formulas-

    While there is certainly a discernably similar structure to the way each website is built, we don’t punch numbers into a formula to determine how each clients’ site will come out. We’re not a corporation, we’re a group of professionals seeking to bring the best possible product to your front door, not the cheapest one or the one that makes us the most money. Quality is the name of the game at Evlio, and we will bring a unique level of attention and care to each site we design and all of our customer services.

  • We’re willing to push the envelope–

    As mentioned above, we fit firmly within the Emerging Adult group. This group is characterized by a desire to push the limits, to explore, and to seek new and exciting solutions to existing problems. We make it a habit to always look outside of the box and to never be satisfied with a solution unless it is the most practical and effective one. In the end, that is what risk taking is all about. You take risks to find new more secure and more effective means of solving persisting problems.

  • Experience is key-

    Some think that youth comes at the cost of experience. Here at Evlio the story is much different. All of our team members have at least 5 years in their respective fields, be it web design, blogging, photography, you name it we’ve done it for enough time to be great. We’re always seeking mastery of our craft and always improving upon our work, but we’ve done enough now at a young age to be well qualified professionals in our comprehensive web service careers.

  • We’re transparent and personable-

    The end goal of any company worth it’s weight should be excellent customer service. Our entire team has a background in customer service and works tirelessly to maintain a standard of excellence with our customer relations. We exemplify politeness and decorum and a customer first attitude that leaves all our clients impressed.


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