Social Media Integration

Social Media Marketing

Twitter, Facebook, instagram, Pinterest, google+, and YouTube are some of the power houses in the social media industry. We include social media sites with SEO because of the massive following on each of them. No longer are the days when everyone browsed the internet from their AOL dial up browser. Billions of people use the big social media sites and it is important to recognize them in the SEO bigger picture. Where there may be 1.5 million results in an organic search, there may only be 10 relevant videos. Being visible on YouTube and other big social sites will provide a bigger net to potentially find a customer. In addition to being connected directly with consumers, having a website that is connected to active social media accounts will boost your reputation in the major search engines. Don’t forget, Google owns YouTube and love putting relevant videos at the top of their search results. EVLiO will make sure all of your social media is integrated to your site in order to improve your web presence and attract more customers. Embed your tweets, auto post to a photo gallery from instagram, allow your customers to refer friends on Facebook. Make sure your customer knows they can interact with you on their favorite social media platform.

What Helps- being active on as many social platforms as possible, upload engaging videos to YouTube, interact with users who like and follow you on social media
What Hurts- not participating in social media! Your competitors are doing it, make sure you are too.

Pros- by skipping the search engine ‘middle man’ you are connected directly with your customer base, easily post unique content to your site from social media, engage website viewers by allowing them to share and follow your feeds
Cons- frequently uploading quality content takes time, money, or both