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Here at EVLiO we provide our clients with the highest quality web services, but that’s not all we do. We also offer writing services to our clients in the form of blogs, research articles, and copywritingIt’s important to have fresh content being posted consistently on your site. Written articles and blog posts are two great ways to add fresh content and keep customers interested and informed about you and what you have to offer. For more on the importance of fresh content and blogging check out our article 5 Reasons to Blog for Your Business. Blogging is a valuable tool, but it’s not the only written service of value we offer. Need something a little more substantial than a blog post? Something based in hard fact and evidence? We also write research articles for our clients. Our writers all have experience doing advanced research at the collegiate level and are all well versed in written argumentation. We can put together a compelling essay or proposal advocating a course of action for you, your business, or your clients based on studies and research materials we’ve gathered. Perhaps you need more persuasive writing. We also offer copywriting services to our clients. We can design advertising language specifically for your website and/or business including but not limited to, catchphrases, slogans, headlines, web content, e-mail ads, and much much more. For more information on each kind of writing service we offer including rates and prices click below.

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