Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay Per Click

When you search something on Google, Bing, yahoo etc the results usually show millions of listings and then a few ‘sponsored listings’ on the top and side of the pages. PPC ads are the sponsored listings where businesses can bid for a top┬áranking. Paying for listings in search engines has pros and cons different than Organic SEO. Depending on your industry and competition for a keyword phrase you may end up paying anywhere from 10 cents to 100 dollars per click! PPC campaigns can be great in the short term but once your budget is exhausted you will be limited to getting leads from organic searches. We suggest consulting with your EVLiO rep to see if a pay per click campaign is right for your business.

Pros- page 1 ranking within minutes, target customers based on location, set a budget to spread leads out over time, compete with top brands already ranked high in organic results immediately
Cons- costs $, does not replace organic SEO, pay for clicks that don’t convert

What helps- being knowledgable about your industry and the ‘keywords’ of buzzwords that your customers are searching, having a lot of money in your budget, making sure your landing page is high quality (you paid for them to see it!), defining your market
What hurts- not having a large advertising budget, not having a good landing page that engages viewers, being in an industry with heavy competition, not having a defined market