5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Mobile Friendly Website

  1. Smartphone Use is on the Rise

    According to marketing research group comScore, 58% of U.S. consumers already use a smart phone. Marketing firm Latitude confirms that 61% of consumers have a substantially better opinion of a brand if their mobile experience is favorable. Trinity Digital Marketing puts the number of worldwide smartphone users at over 1.2 billion! Let those numbers sink in for a second. Half of potential U.S. consumers use smartphones, nearly two-thirds of all consumers critically examine your mobile site to determine the value of your brand (and whether or not they will buy), and well over a billion people are using smartphones and mobile technology worldwide. If your website isn’t mobile friendly you’re missing out on a truly massive portion of the market. You can’t afford to let more than half of the consumer market slip through your fingers just because you haven’t optimized your site for mobile access.

  2. You Get a Higher Search Engine Ranking

    You might be wondering how the accessibility and mobile friendliness of your website can affect your position in search engine rankings (SEO). The answer is relatively simple. Search engines want to deliver the best and most appropriate webpages to their users, and to be the best and most appropriate one has to be mobile friendly. According to, a community and business thread that discusses anything related to internet searches, “Google has taken a strong stance on mobile SEO, announcing there will be demotions if your site is not mobile friendly or is misconfigured when it comes to being mobile friendly.” The biggest search engine in the world has put a premium on mobile friendly sites. They will rank your site higher in the search results if you are more mobile friendly than your competition. What does that tell you about the importance of being mobile friendly?

  3. Faster Access = Happier Customers-

    There are a wealth of statistics regarding the speed of mobile friendly sites and customers desire to buy. According to “every 100 millisecond increase in load time decreases sales by 1%”. Seems pretty drastic doesn’t it? I agree that it is, but the name of the game is customer service and in a world where products are delivered faster and faster every day you’ve got to keep up with the increased pace or your customer will go elsewhere for what they need. According to eReach consulting “If an e-commerce site is making $100,000 per day, a 1 second page delay could potentially cost you 2.5 million in lost sales every year.” Now being honest, only the most successful webpages are doing $100,000 in sales a day, but you get the picture. A large amount of money is lost when your mobile page runs slowly. Time directly equates to a large amount of money on the internet. If you keep your customers waiting they’ll simply spend their money elsewhere. A mobile friendly site streamlines the search process giving your customers what they want, quickly, right from their phone.

  4. It Improves User Experience-

    Having a mobile friendly webpage is all about improving User Experience. Having a responsive website design is the key to improving User Experience. Your website needs to conform well to any device, be it an iPhone, Android, tablet; whatever the customer happens to be using. If the webpage is designed correctly all of your information will be accessible in neat columns and sliding panels that fit the width of the screen on whatever device accesses it. If the site is poorly designed customers will find it difficult to navigate on their smartphones and they will quickly move on to a more mobile/user friendly site. Independent consumer data from The People’s Report indicates that 76% of consumers will leave a website immediately if it is not mobile friendly. In order to keep all those potential customers engaged with your business it’s essential that your site be easy to use, on all platforms. Turning mobile unfriendly to mobile friendly will keep happy customers on your page.

  5. Makes Your Brand More Accessible-

    Having your site optimized for mobility means that customers and consumers can access your website anywhere and anytime. This is extremely important for the conversion of consumer interest into direct sales. An easy to access mobile friendly site is one that will draw the attention of customers and then convert that attentive interest into money for your business. A single column design without popups or menus will eliminate distractions when customers are accessing your site on-the-go and connect them to the information they really need while presenting that information in a simple and attractive fashion. When consumers use location services they will be linked to the nearest business to them that offers what they want. For example if I bring up Google, or ask Siri or Cortana to find pizza near me (or whatever else I might want) these programs will find the businesses nearest me that offer that service. Since I’m on-the-go and using my mobile device to search for what I want the business I’m most likely to buy from is the one with the best SEO position and the most mobile friendly site. In the era of mobile searching and location services it’s important for every business owner to have a mobile friendly site so they can deliver a quality web experience to their on-the-go customers and get an edge on their competition. Remember, if a searching customer has never tried your services the quality of your website is all they have to go on.


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