‘Do It Yourself’ Web Design; Avoiding the Consumer Trap


Big companies like to prey on consumers. They take the role of predator and trick, train, or muscle you into taking the role of prey. The predator dangles the bait and the prey takes it. This happens as often as it takes until you’re trapped… But is it possible to avoid the trap? How do we avoid the trap? We avoid it by making informed decisions as consumers. This means educating yourself and then acting on what you’ve learned. It also means judging products and services qualitatively. This train of thought was inspired by a commercial we saw while watching football the other night. The commercial was from GoDaddy and offered Do It Yourself domains, web hosting, and website building for $1 a month… Ask yourself, what was the last thing quality thing you bought that cost $1 a month? The only service we’ve ever subscribed to for $1 was dollar shave club. For a buck a month dollar shave club will send you shoddy (but effective) disposable razors. Certainly we can agree the quality of your business or personal website needs to be much higher than a disposable razor. We were shocked and appalled by the GoDaddy spot. Consumers who are in need of a website might look at that commercial and say “‘wow that’s a great deal”, while in reality they have just fallen into the aforementioned consumer trap. Nothing of quality is available for $1 a month. Nothing.


We’re here to remind consumers that it’s better to spend money and get true quality than spend the bare minimum and get little to no quality. Let’s use the previous example of disposable razors. First things first, they’re disposable. It doesn’t matter if you can get ten shaves or five out of one. Nobody buys a disposable razor for it’s quality and therefore they don’t expect much from it. A website is not disposable. It’s not something you use one time and then throw away. A website is much less like a razor and much more like a car. You wouldn’t spend fifty bucks on a car, would you? That’s too cheap to possibly get anything of quality. You want a car that’s reliable, long lasting, aesthetically pleasing, and still within budget. That’s what we are. We’re not going to break down, we’re not going to break the bank, and we look good while doing it. Frankly, we find it insulting when big web design corporations pitch people absurdly priced DIY services. It insults us because we know how it turns out. Taking the cheap DIY route means you will get a template that millions of other people already have. It means you rely on an automated telephone line for customer service. It means you get little to no personal attention regarding your website, you get no additional features beyond the webpages themselves, and your price won’t stay low because recurring rates tend to increase over time. Like the cable bill, once the promotional deal runs out (usually without warning) the price doubles, or triples. It also convinces consumers that you can get quality services for these ludicrous floor prices when the reality is, you can’t. Not to mention, with DIY everything is on your shoulders (the reality of all Do It Yourself activities). If your website is floundering there is no one to turn to for help.

Conversely, you’ll have companies that charge you entirely too much for the services you receive. This hearkens back to the point about informed consumer decisions. Graphic IQ argues buying a DIY website “is, in principle, a bad investment and can have expensive repercussions on your business in the medium to long term.” Of course, it would be an equally bad decision to pay a designer too much for their services. Here at EVLiO we’ve examined the numbers and made it our goal to provide the best possible quality for the best possible price. As such, we’ve managed to offer our customers full sites with many extra features such as slideshows, maintenance, web training, custom forms, and video production all for around the same price you would pay for a basic site. In addition to this price break, you get to deal personally with our employees, be they our web designers or staff writers. We combine good prices and quality services with a personal touch that’s impossible to match. Now that is what we call a good deal.

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