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What Does Evlio Mean?

Our clients often ask us, what does EVLiO mean? What is EVLiO all about? Perhaps you remember the famous second act of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet when Juliet asks, “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Perhaps Juliet is right and names are only placeholders, but here at EVLiO we think there is something more in a name. We like a challenge, and while we could have chosen a boring name like ‘Comprehensive Web Services America’ we didn’t. We designed EVLiO to be more than catchy, we wanted it to describe our business as best possible without being simple and obvious because in the end our business is a brand just like yours. Our clients entrust us to represent them digitally, which we take very seriously. We chose the name EVLiO because we knew we would have to build our brand around that name, and what better way to showcase our ability to build our clients’ brands than to build one of our own! The same techniques that brought you to this webpage and this article are the ones we will use to get people excited and educated about your brand. So what does EVLiO stand for? The simplest and most telling description is hidden in the name itself!

Evolving, Viable, Limitless, Innovative, Online


Evolution is the process by which all things grow and transform. All technologies must keep up the pace of their evolution or they become obsolete. Internet technologies are at the forefront of this evolution and they must constantly adapt to our growing needs and our expanding networks of human interaction. Here at EVLiO we evolve with technology and adapt to the needs of our clients, meeting or exceeding the pace of technological evolution in the mainstream.


To be viable means to be capable of success. To be capable of success one must work from a platform that is stable and will support the weight of all future endeavors. Our platform is built on education, hard work, and trust. We’ve all received the proper collegiate and professional education to do our jobs at a high level, we all work hard every day, and we trust each other and earn the trust of our clients through our words and actions. This combination of knowledge, action, and trust allows us to be successful and create success for everyone we work with. Our competitive comprehensive pricing allows us to be not only viable, but affordable as well.


At EVLiO we do not readily accept limits; after all a limit is something that binds, restrains, and confines. When people tell you it is not possible to go beyond a certain point do you accept that as true or do you test it for yourself? Human beings are inherently creative and curious and need to push the limits to discover new things. We always test the waters for ourselves and allow our vision and ambition to be limitless which enhances our curiosity and opens up new creative pathways.


To innovate means to introduce new ideas or methods. We make use of groundbreaking 2-D and 3-D slideshow techniques, moving and unique graphic transitions, and pioneering coding and design technology to innovate for our clients. Our comprehensive web services tie together design, content management, blogging services, photography, digital marketing, and networking in a way that has never been done. All of our innovations translate directly to the client and will improve their experience with our services. Fun Fact: received the award for Best Innovative Business of the Mainline and Western Suburbs of Philadelphia a mere months after inception.


This one might seem obvious. When people say online the implication is on the internet. Obviously we offer web services and websites exist on the internet, but the underlying meaning is a little less obvious. Before the internet online meant ‘connected to a network’, the internet is just the network that everybody is most familiar with. EVLiO not only optimizes our clients’ connection to the internet community, but their personal and business networks as well. We are online with all of our clients, which means a steady stream of communication back and forth allowing us to understand exactly what our they need. Our EVLiO team is always online with one another so we can help each other do our jobs more effectively. Finally we are always online with our business partners so we can best bring together our services for you.

EVLiO. Evolving, Viable, Limitless, Innovative, Online. These words do well to describe us, but there is so much more in the practice of our work that we can’t fit into words. We want you to think about your experience with us and say, “I love EVLiO!” When we get that kind of response then we know we’ve done our job.

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