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You NEED Google Street View; Here’s Why

We live in a reality where Google is a household name. The web giant started as a simple search engine but has since become much, much more. Google now offers a number of services, most of which we have all become familiar with, however; Google is always innovating and adding new features and services, many of which remain obscured from public knowledge. Google recently added one particular service which should be considered essential for small businesses and start-ups. What is this service, you ask? Google Street View. Let’s explore the features of this service, and why it is of paramount importance for business owners of all types.


At this point you are probably asking yourself, what is Google Street View, and why should I care? If business owners know one thing they know that time is money, and wasted time means wasted money. Let’s not waste time then. Google Street View | Trusted is a service offered by Google as a part of their Maps program to photograph and record the exterior and interior of your business or work space. Google contracts with photographers and agencies around the country (and the world) to offer local, professional service to interested businesses. Photographers and agencies must complete an application to be registered as an affiliate of Google, an affiliate deemed worthy of acting as an ambassador and liaison between Google and the millions of businesses interested in their service(s).


So, we’ve covered the what, now onto the how. How does Google Street View | Trusted work? Well, to summarize, the business or group interested in Google Street View | Trusted would search for a local photographer/ agency through the search tool on Google Maps located HERE. Once the interested business has filtered by city and state they will be presented with a list of the available agencies and photographers in their area. The interested party then selects the agency/ photographer they would like to work with and the real fun begins!


Now, the why. Why use Google Street View? As we established earlier, business owners are busy people and to waste their time is to waste their money. If you’re a business owner, pay close attention to this next bit. You don’t have to do anything else. That’s right, nothing. Once you select the individual or group you would like to photograph your business, they take care of the rest. This saves you time, which in turn saves you money, and who doesn’t like money? Let’s take some time to run through the most notable features and benefits of the program.


1. Local, professional service

– For business owners in small cities and towns this can be a great way to link up with other talented professionals. Not only are these individuals and agencies accredited by Google for photography, they are usually experts in other types of online marketing and business development as well. What begins as a relationship for Business View can quickly expand into a fruitful professional partnership.

2. Saves you time and money

– Rather than spending money on your own camera and using your own expertise (or lack thereof, no offense) to take pictures of your business, you save time and money by contracting with a trusted professional. The individual or agency you work with will handle the entire process, from the actual photography to the posting and managing of your photos through Google. You will also own the photographs they take of your business, allowing you to use these professional shots elsewhere.

3. Potential clients/ customers can virtually tour your business

– In addition to the ten professionally shot images of your business, Google Street View | Trusted offers 360 degree images that add depth and personality to the online representation of your business. In effect, this feature allows users to ‘virtually tour’ your business space, allowing them to become acquainted and comfortable with your business before they even walk through the door. This is an extremely valuable asset for anyone looking to increase customer/ client engagement.

4. Google Street View | Trusted will get you noticed

– Not only is Google Street View a necessary professional touch, it actually acts as exposure for your business. There is evidence that using Business View will result in higher ranking in Google’s search engine. This means people will see your business before they see your competition. If you use Google Street View the feature will be prominently displayed alongside the traditional search engine entry for your business, drawing the eyes and interest of potential clients and customers, hooking them where they otherwise might have kept scrolling.

5. We firmly believe using Google Street View is a no-brainer

-We use it. Not only do we use it, we believe in it so strongly that we have actually become registered as a client of Google, a client that offers Google Street View | Trusted services to other Businesses in our area. We are located in the West Chester, Greater Philadelphia area. Contact us here to inquire about Google Street View for your business/ work space!

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