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EVLiO is proud to accept the award for Best Innovative Business from Main Line Today. This award is part of the Best of the Main Line series, an annual publication that seeks and rewards the best businesses of suburban Philadelphia in their respective fields. We find it extremely gratifying when our hard work and innovation is noticed, especially in a respected publication like Main Line Today. We would like to take some time to thank Main Line Today for gracing us with this award and explain the historical and cultural significance of the Philadelphia Main Line district and while doing so, give readers insight into the innovations here at EVLiO that won us this honor.

Seen here is the Modern Main Line (NW corner) owned by Amtrak and SEPTA

Seen here is the Modern Main Line (NW corner) owned by Amtrak and SEPTA

Main Line Today gets it’s name from the main line of the old Pennsylvania railroad which ran Northwest out of central Philadelphia, across the state. The old Main Line was built by the Pennsylvania Railroad in the early 19th century. It has since been updated to include electric rails and remains an important corridor across the state of Pennsylvania. Currently the rail is owned by Amtrak and SEPTA, though the rail and surrounding land was originally owned by the Pennsylvania Railroad. Throughout it’s early years, the Pennsylvania Railroad encouraged the trend of ‘suburbanization’ in the areas surrounding the Main Line Railway by building scenic way stations along it’s route. Their efforts succeeded as many of the wealthy elite from Philadelphia moved to these new Main Line suburbs towards the beginning of the 20th century to settle down and enjoy life in the country. The influx of money and social status that came with these wealthy elite helped build some of the most prosperous communities in our nations history, communities that remain prosperous to this day. Collectively these communities are known as the new Main Line or Main Line Today.

Towns and Communities within the Main Line:

Of the communities listed above; Merion, Bryn Mawr, Penn Wynne, and Villanova are on the list of 100 highest income neighborhoods in America. The area is generally regarded as one of the most pleasant and livable in the country. All told, the Main Line encompasses over 200 square miles from downtown Philly to Paoli. This area has a rich history spanning back well before the creation of the railroad to the enterprises of William Penn, founder of Pennsylvania. In the 1600’s it was the ancestral home of the Lenape Indians. This land was originally called Lenapehoking, named after the aforementioned tribe. Sporting and recreation played a major role in the development of the Main Line neighborhoods and continue to serve as attractions today. Most notably the Main Line today houses the Merion Golf Club, ranked America’s 7th best golf course, and also hosts The Devon Horse Show, the largest multi-breed horse show in the U.S.

EVLiO is honored to have been named as 2014’s Best Innovative Business in such an expansive, progressive, prosperous, and historically diverse area. It’s important for us to let people know what we did to deserve such an illustrious award. Not only what we did, but what we continue to do for all of our clients. The answer to all of these questions can be found at our web design store, the heart of our operation. Within you’ll find a modern and open studio where we meet personally with clients and plan future endeavors. In the back you’ll find our green screen, a second studio where we do in house video production.

The space we work in is as important as the work we do. Within our creative space we craft unique and appealing graphics and slideshows for our clients that better display their products and services. Our ability to create our own videos stands out to our clients as unique as far as web design companies go. Our effort to cover all bases for our clients doesn’t stop there. We’ve hired professional writers to take care of blogging and copywriting as well. All in all, we believe innovation really means going above and beyond for our clients. The more we can provide them and the better we can do it, the more innovative we are. By better I mean more efficiently, more creatively, and at a lower price. That’s EVLiO at it’s core. We are your constantly E.volving V.iable L.imitless I.nnovative O.nline service provider. Innovation is in our name and at the heart of everything we do. Contact us today and let us start innovating for you!

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